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flat panel display (969 × 560 mm)

In contemporary Japan, where people from different cultural backgrounds live together, it appears that our level of understanding and coexisting with others is high enough, but, in reality, aren’t we just half on the way? In a situation of severe lack of work force caused by declining birth rate and aging population, when society is taking in large numbers of foreign workers without too much consideration, what do “understanding” and “coexistence” mean to us? My personal viewpoint on this ambiguous question, is expressed in this piece. In this moment of transition when we are facing a future of coexistence, sometimes we unconsciously avoid “others” due to the differences in language, faith, skin color, and body shapes. Through the image of melting candles, I express how we, as a society, gradually transform while looking at “others”, craving for peace, and wishing for a better future.

about a study of identity

Photo emulsion, Oil, Acrylic, Yarn and Color Spray, on Aluminium
Copper and Brass Plate.
178 × 127 mm each
2016 - 2019
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With the aim of understanding the nature of coexistence in a multi-ethnic society, I lived one year in America where I researched Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. This piece is both an attempt to understand their wavering feelings between two countries, and to reflect on the changes that occur to social environment with the assimilation of foreign workers, and the problem of coexistence. To learn the history of multi-ethnic America, and the lives of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans, is a useful way to think about the question of how we understand each other and coexist together. I hope that this piece will encourage viewers to reflect on this question. In this way, we, who are now placed in a social environment where people of different languages, beliefs, habits, and cultural backgrounds live together, can build up better interpersonal relations and a better society.

a study of identity

Photo emulsion on Paper in frame
630 × 1240 mm
large size image

a study of identity

Oil and Photo emulsion on aluminum in mirror frame
287 × 232 mm each
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a study of identity

Oil on aluminum
305 × 305 mm (8 works with different colors)
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a preparation of minds

Photo emulsion on aluminum
259 × 177 mm (15 works)
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現代に於いて花嫁と花婿を連想すれば、「幸せ、幸福」を表すシンボルだと思うが、 彼らが生きた土地の時代背景を鑑みると、彼らにとって結婚とはそのまま「幸せ、幸福」という一面的な 意味だけでは表しきれない気持ちを含んでいたのではないかと考えてしまう。数々の困難が待ち受ける 未来に対して覚悟と不安、そして希望を含んだ彼らの姿を、過去の事や他人事で片付けてしまって良い のだろうか?彼らが受けた偏見や差別や隔離という行為が、私たちが生きる現代日本社会にも起こっている。 他人事では片付けられない自分たちの未来は、自分たちの意志と行動によって作られるのだから、 彼らと似た境遇に置かれ、不安や悩みを抱え暮らしている人々を無視することは出来ない。 私たちが彼らから学べることは多いのだ。